thank you in letterpress type

Doesn’t “thanks” look nice in classic Letterpress?

thank you words in vintage wood letterpress type, stained by color inks, isolated on white

8 thoughts on “thank you in letterpress type

  1. Isn’t O’Donnell the one that came right out and said he won’t criticize Muslims because they might actually inflict some kind of violence? That in essence he’ll attack targets he knows won’t ACTUALLY take a swing, as it were?And where was all this fainting and wilting wisteria over the movie that lovingly depicted the assassination of GW?Oh, right, DEMOCRATS. What was *I* thinking?Thanks for posting!

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  3. Mein Partner und ich wirklich genossen Lesen dieses Blog-Post, Ich war nur endlich wissen Sie featured Beiträge Handel? Ich versuche immer, jemanden zu finden, Geschäfte mit machen und nur dachte, ich würde fragen.

  4. Chris (Not the right wing guy)November 15, 2012 at 17:03 pmHey Right-Wing-Guy,I dunno what’s so difficult about the responsible people just telling the truth and sharing the facts.#NationalKeyPoints #TheHandbook, #SecurityAssessments, #VisitingDignitaries … wadda wadda wadda – all LIES!

  5. Margaret Young (#7),Our family reunions usually involve going to Church, so our religious holidays aren’t a hard fast rule. Maybe we need reunions in more isolated places so we can pull that off.queuno (#8),Yours is the only comment that has made me consider that I may need to repent.

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