5 Huge Mistakes Writers Make

Vector illustration of gold ticketWe live in an era of free and low-cost publishing tools that would turn Gutenberg into Willie Wonka overnight.

Once there was this thing called the printing press and only the wealthy and elect could control it. Writers who didn’t come from money and didn’t live to please established powers had to be extraordinarily good as well as persistent and daring to even catch a break. Someone else always controlled the means to reaching an audience.

Now, every 14-year-old can have a blog and every grandmother can share photos of her dog with thousands of people. The printing press is electrified, computerized, and cheap. And distribution is pretty much free and instantaneous. It’s never been easier to publish. This is the age of the golden ticket. Yet it seems on the surface that much harder to get recognized and compensated as a professional writer. For people just starting out, the odds and the sheer information available can seem overwhelming.

That’s why I’m launching this site with a few observations drawn from several years’ experience as a hardworking writer and new media professional. Maybe I can save you a little time and a lot of grief.

At the top of the list, avoid these five huge mistakes:

  1. Trying to achieve a big audience before building basic skills.
  2. Never acting or feeling ready no matter how much you prepare.
  3. Taking advice from anybody and everybody.
  4. Not taking advice from anybody, even established pros.
  5. Believing you have to learn everything before you can do anything.

What Most Writers Buy Online Is Average Crap For Average People Cobbled Together By Shillmeisters, But the Good Advice is Out There

Vintage-Frustrated-WriterThe internet is loaded with marketing experts, both real and pretend and everything in between. The worst of them sell some variation on how to be an overnight success with little or no work.

Discover a few key secrets in a special report or buy the latest black hat software and voila! you too will be raking in the dough on autopilot while you nap on the beach.

You probably know that if product copy appeals to the basic human desire to get something for nothing, then you need to run (not walk) in the other direction.

On a finer ethical level, some marketers and a few of the best freelance writers will teach you real things that take a little work and accomplish desirable results. For example, you might need to learn the basics of search engine optimization or the importance of building an email list.

Maybe you need someone to shake you because you spend 60 hours per week writing $15 blog posts for shady content mills that won’t even give you a byline.

Good Advice From Credible Professionals Is Worth Paying For

There are books and online classes and membership sites I don’t hesitate to recommend. Spending a little money in the right places not only helps you avoid stupid mistakes Continue reading