3 Mixed Metaphors Kill Your Cred

“And then it was like a light just went off in my head.”

Bright idea

Oh, I just had an idea. What if lines of chalk could represent rays of light and the whole thing could symbolize a new idea?

If you’ve ever read or listened to testimonials associated with self-help products or coaching programs, you’ve probably encountered this more than once.

Sometimes it’s part of a video testimonial and you can watch the person’s face light up with a thousand watts of energy as they pair the intensity of the feeling with an inexplicable verbal image of darkness.

I don’t know why the expunging of a light has become a dub-in for enlightenment, but it’s unholy.

Let’s not take away from those “a-ha” moments or the profound and lasting influence of having just the right coach or mentor at just the right time. I’m not going to sneer if it was Tony Robbins who helped you make a distinction in your life that has rescued you from depression while the Psy.D. psychologist you saw for three years could apparently do nothing. But what’s going on here in the language?

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